DJ Stylie feat. 2Shy MC – A Trip Down Memory Lane PT 1 (1992)

Do you remember the early 90’s rave scene, more to the point were you there? White gloves, whistles, glow sticks & who could forget the Hi-Vis vests. Ravers coming from all over the country to party all night long to f**kin great music!!

‘A Trip Down Memory Lane’ Part 1 is the first instalment from a DJ & MC that lived and breathed the early 90’s rave scene, becoming childhood friends to ravers then into a formidable duo over London’s pirate FM airways.

This 60 minute mix brings 23 of the biggest anthems from 1992, Selected and mixed by DJ Stylie featuring 2Shy MC.

After 12 years apart working on separate projects this compilation brings us full circle and back together where it all started!

Sit back, turn this up loud and enjoy the trip down memory lane…..

Peace, love and great music!