Lockdown 2020

Trying to remain positive in these very bleak times for our industry. I’ve put together a few mixes over this lockdown period though with more pending.

APRIL was a 60 minute rinse out alongside Promo ZO flinging down those dirty rollers representing @fasterdnb – Faster Lockdown Mix

JUNE was a 30 minute soulful liquid roll out for my own brand Sound Bytes entitled ‘Truth From The Booth

AUGUST was a step back in time as I linked up with my original DJ from 19 longtime DJ Stylie to present ‘A Trip Down Memory Lane‘ Part 1 where we went back to 1992 & reminisced over hardcore jungle classics.

SEPTEMBER saw me link up again with Promo ZO representing Bassdrive.com on their Virtual Sessions broadcast which was streamed LIVE via their radio platform.

I’ve also linked up with Loxy again for the first time in over 10 years to present ‘The End Game‘ which combines some absolute classics along with futuristic D&B rollers. This is about to drop so make sure you keep ya ears close to the ground for that.

Big up everyone that has already checked out the mixes and supported in anyway, shape or form. Salute.

You’ll find all the links Here!

Big up