2Shy MC, a name given in irony, a fact that becomes evident when he performs. Blessed with an ability matched by few and a versatility to work across all spectrums of music it soon becomes apparent that this well established and supremely talented MC has very little of the shyness about him.

The Amp Man, The Compare, The Host, The Vocalist and much more, with a unique style of delivery and lyrical content that’s fresh, upfront and relevant. 2Shy not only has an innate understanding of the music and what the DJ plays but the ability to connect with the crowd and link them together as one. An MC who is respected and loved in equal measures by the DJ’s and ravers alike is a rare thing indeed but 2Shy does this with ease due to his natural talent and stellar stage presence.

He has been perfecting his craft for a number of years, now spanning over three decades and early accomplishments begin in ‘96 when 2Shy became resident MC for Dylan & Facs and their imprints Biotic and XXX Recordings, he was soon touring as resident MC with these labels throughout Europe and the UK. In ’99 2Shy teamed up with good friend and Producer/DJ Mechanism becoming a DJ and MC duo representing MC GQ’s Emcee Recordings and it was around this time he secured his residency at FABRICLIVE.

It was at FABRICLIVE where his hard spittin’ skills were recognised by Renegade Hardware and his voice became the signature sound at Hardware club nights worldwide for over ten years. 2Shy further cemented himself a place within the mighty Metalheadz camp and many other big hitting D&B brands including Ram Records, Playaz, Breakin Science and AWOL alongside featuring on a number of tracks and DJ mixes such as those for ATM and Knowledge Magazine with Bailey, Probe and Loxy but most notably the first of the Liquid V Club Sessions compilation series, released in 2005 on V Recordings mixed by label head honcho Bryan Gee.

From 2010 onwards 2Shy saw releases on OffKey with Raiden and Meth and more features with artists on Deception Recordings, Dutty Audio, Faded Music, IM:LTD, Qilin Music, Cyclone Recordings and Eat Brain.

In more recent years 2Shy has collaborated with Mozey & Gray on Born on Road, Paul T & Edward Oberon on V Recordings, on a literal “Killer” track with The Prototypes, Acuna on Chronic and not to mention further features on Device, Dread and 4Corners Music.

2Shy’s back catalogue is steadily piling up and now having turned his hand to production with partner Promo ZO working as the production duo Konnect (UK) the collection continues to pile high, with releases on Conjunction Recordings, ProgRam and the most recent drop ‘Rolling Desire’ a collaboration with AKAS featuring MC Rage on Deep In The Jungle Records.

It’s been a steady climb to the top of his game which has seen him perform across the World with the likes of Andy C, Noisia, The Prototypes, Killbox and more as a host of main stage performances at festivals including Glastonbury, Global Gathering, Creamfields, SW4, Reading and Leeds, Shambala, Ultra, Outlook, Rampage, Animalz and Amnesia in Ibiza. 2Shy continues to add to the list of landmark venues and events in which he has performed such as Printworks, DNB Allstars Festival, WAH In The City, Drumsheds and Parklife.

2Shy is a MC in great demand with the talent, versatility, professionalism and ability few poses in such great measure and so it is easy to see why he is the current MC of choice for Kanine, Hedex, Mozey and many more established Drum & Bass acts.



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